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Originally built in 1720 as a home then later converting it into a cigar factory (circa 1850), this establishment has been through many changes.  It was once the original Sumneytown Hotel, in 1898 it became the Godshall Hotel and in 1910 the Brey Hotel.  During the depression the hotel era ended for this building. 
In 1947 the building was brought back to life and the Bed and Breakfast era was about to begin.  The Kaufman family purchased the building, restoring it to be used for an antique shop until 1951 when it was renamed the Kaufman House.  Operating as a B&B it was known for its variety of tobacco and cigarette offerings and eclectic menu featuring exotic, wild delicacies and country game fare.  The Bed and Breakfast tradition was continued first by the Dupree’s, former owners of the Lakehouse Inn from 1975 until 1982, then by Mike O'Boyle through 1999 when the doors closed.
Waiting for a new owner, the building sat unused until 2003 when the current owners, William and Desiree Francis purchased it at auction.  Settling on Christmas Eve 2003, their dream of owning an establishment full of character and history was realized.  It was a long and arduous journey to finally be able to welcome you to their restaurant.  And keeping with tradition they chose to proudly name it The Francis Kaufman House. 



before 1920


Herb and Vegetable Garden 2

Herb and Vegetable Garden

Larger Parking 42 spaces

Handicapped parking and entrance

Side View with the Handicapped side walk

Side view 2

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